This looks like it came from my closet! lol ;) So flattered!  DD :)

Princess Diana's style legacy lives on with Italian label Tod's leather bags. The bag was such a favourite of Diana's that after that her death in the accessories label renamed it the 'D-Bag' after her.

lady diana, shows that the classic/sloane ranger look- still works!

The ultimate Sloane Ranger, Lady Diana Spencer was born into an aristocratic family and became Lady Diana in her teens when her father was made an Earl.

in Liverpool with her Lady Dior the combination of orange and black …

Princess Diana at the Liverpool Women's Hospital/maternity Department Photo:alpha-Globe Photos Inc 1995 Princessdianaretro CMFB

I love when I run across pictures of this woman I’ve never seen before.

The Lover's Knot tiara returned to the Queen after the divorce and subsequent sad and untimely death of Princess Diana. It hasn't been worn by any royal lady since. but who knows what the future holds for this lovely tiara.

Princess Diana-I have always loved this dress- I hope everybody there was scandalized!  Such a tragic thing to have a husband who does not love you.  I pray she was happy in the end.  I KNOW she's happy now and watching over Will and Kate and baby....

Dubbed the Revenge Dress, it was debuted by the late Diana, Princess of Wales at the Serpentine Gallery party on June 1994 - the day that the Prince of Wales publicly admitted adultery.

Princess Diana of Wales, looking tired during a visit in New Zealand in April 1983.

Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, wearing a tiara, looking tired during a visit in New Zealand in April

March 15, 1989: HRH Diana, Princess of Wales sitting cross-legged on cushions as he enjoying a Bedouin-style picnic lunch in a desert oasis near Al Ain during a visit to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

"He is not talked about these days": Princess Diana's "rock" Paul Burrell banned from royal bash by Queen for selling secrets

15 aniversario de la muerte de Diana de Gales: ¿Dónde estábamos cuando Lady Di…

¿Dónde estábamos cuando murió? Esto pasaba en el mundo... (FOTOS, VÍDEOS)

Generally, repaginated, but they reappear. This makes clothes wearable after a long time. And this is what we can see in these outfits Princess Diana wore.