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Lee Friedlander - self Lee Friedlander is an American Photographer. His self portraits would often contain a shadow of his head projected onto people, windows, buildings, etc. He has a famous shot where his head is projected onto a person's back.

New York City Lee Friedlander

likeafieldmouse: “Lee Friedlander - Mannequin “Friedlander roamed the sidewalks of New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco, focusing on storefront windows and reflections, which speak.

Credit: Lee Friedlander, courtesy Frankel Gallery, San Francisco New York City, 2002  Sometimes the lines, angles and reflections can be perplexing, in this case reflecting the chaos of the city

Lee Friedlander: America By Car - in pictures

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Lee Friedlander I think this photo has great lighting and shadowing details happening here. The line of the fence and also the line going diagonally across .

Lee Friedlander’s New York City Mannequins

Lee Friedlander’s New York City Mannequins