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Snakes Of Loki by Cleave. The intertwined snakes of Loki, the god of mischief and illusion. The father of the Midgard Wyrm, Jormurgandr and Fenris Wolf

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Thor and Loki (the avengers) traditional tattoo by NikCasDesigns on tumblr

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True he's not a hero, but he's still super...super awesome

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Morse tattoo Plus

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Burdened with glorious purpose

loki tattoo!! | Tattoos

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"In celebration of 800 followers (seriously, WTF, how does that even happen?) please accept as a token of my thanks this long-overdue sight of a shirtless Loki. A.k.a., what’s tattooed on the inside of my skull. A.a.k.a., what I’d get on hands and knees and beg to see in Thor 3. But most of all, what I think heaven must be like."

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