Mad Men Fashion  How to dress like Betty, Peggy, and Joan

How to Dress Like the Women of Mad Men

Joan Harris, played by actress Christina Hendricks, was the attractive office manager at Sterling Cooper -- who kept her fashion conservative in 1962 despite her curvy figure.

Betty Draper - Mad Men - Love this dress! This is quite similar to the dress I just bought!

Mad Men special: the characters

To figure out what to wear to Taste one only needs look at the iconic Betty Draper of Mad Men. She would have been grooving to Frank and Dean, and what better way than to do it in this stunning fitted dress.

Look like you're one of the guys from Mad Men with this fashion advice

The Ultimate Suit Wearing Cheat Sheet Every Man Needs

How awesome is this? An infographic on the "Mad Men Suit. by Janny Dangerous

In honor of its final seasons, we round up Mad Men's best style moments.

Mad Men's 25 Best Fashion Moments

Think you're going to miss Mad Men and its spiky heroine, Betty Draper? Imagine how its star, January Jones feels now Mad Men is finally coming to an end. Here, she recalls her favourite Betty Draper moments.

Don Draper Pop Art. I wish I had a set of the Mad Men cast of pop art like this and could have a classy 1960's themed bar to display them in. So cool.

Mad Men - Jon Hamm Don Draper celebrity portrait - Pop Art illustration in black, white and red - art print size

Love this show. Not just because of its poignant depictions and complicated characters, but because it takes us into a world we, ad practitioners, are very familiar with. It depicts the raw effort, creativity and ambition of a self-made guru of his art.

Party like 'Mad Men'

Yes, the rumors are true: I had not watched 'Mad Men' before now. So, to make up for that, it's a 'Mad Men' marathon for me. Can I catch up for season four?

How to Throw a Mad Men Housewarming Party #letscelebrate

Love the Outfit / Great Costume Idea - How to Throw a Mad Men Housewarming Party

How does Betty Draper’s dress flare out? post

How does Betty Draper's dress flare out?

key points: very classic (well it's from mad men after all) fit and style of suit, versatile shade of gray.

Mad Men - Peggy Olsen and Don Draper -- halloween costume idea

(BTS) Hahaha Ken Cosgrove holding a MacBook...yes. And switching Ecstacys into the Lucky Strike packs. Movie magic, peeps.

Mad Men cast behind the scenes. Hahaha Ken Cosgrove holding a MacBook. And switching Ecstacys into the Lucky Strike packs.

1960s Ad-Style 'Mad Men' Season 6 Illustrated Poster: Don Draper Passes Himself on Madison Ave. #madmen #tv #design

'Mad Men' creators hire veteran illustrator for authentic '60s-style promo poster

Mad Men season 6 poster - Illustrated bin ad style by 75 year old Brian Sanders

Get Inspired for your next home makeover with styles from Mad Men!

Create a Fabulous Vintage Home in a Post-Mad Men Era

Mad Men: Two Sides To Every Character #infographic #Fashion #Entertainment #TelevisionShow

Mad Men: Two Sides To Every Character #infographic