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Everything I need is within me. | 25 Mantras for Moms #parenting

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mrs. smith,, aloha oe

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Healing Crystals for New Year Resolutions, Crystals for Healing

Create more space for what inspires you. More

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chakra mantra

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I choose calm over anxiety. | 25 Mantras for Moms #parenting

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If It Comes; Let It (Live Life Happy)

The pain will come, just breathe, take a moment, take a breath, let it pass. Eventually, it won't hurt so bad.

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I am blooming from where I once bled. ~Rune Lazuli

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The No-Nonsense Quote That Helped Me Get Through Divorce

Keep this quote in mind when you're going through tough times

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exactly I am mine I'm not someones possession, trophy I don't belong to no one but myself ..perfect quote

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Daily mantra to #showup despite your fears and complexities.

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