Cat Breeds: The Manx Cat

* * SHORT TAILS: Tailess or stubby tailed cats like the Manx have developed from a spontaneous mutation, a gene that eventually became common on the Isle of Man because of the limited genetic diversity.

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Manx cats best resembles to British Shorthair cats both in temperament and characteristics.Average litter size for Manx cats is about 5 kittens.

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& CURLY COATED MANX kittens began showing up in purebred Manx litters in New Zealand. Test mating to Devon and Cornish Rex showed that this was a new recessive gene. The Manx Rex aka Curly Coated Manx strain is now called the Tasman Manx.

Our March Spotlight is the Manx Cat. Originating on the Isle of Mann located in the Irish Sea, the manx cat is a tailess breed with longer hindlegs than front legs. This gives them a rabbit like movement, but they sure are fast!

Manx Kittens is an adoptable Manx Cat in Colville, WA. We've got a litter of 3 Manx kittens. 2 girls and 1 boy. They are adorable, playful and well socialized. They appear to be a combination of tabby.