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Nobody can tell me that Marcel isn't one of the best things that ever happened to this fandom.

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(GIF) Marcel dancing.. It's hard to remember there are serious abs and tons of tattoos beneath that sweater vest.

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Marcel Imagine... You should of pushed me off a cliff<<<< it would of been less painful. Dang this imagine made my heart hurt (well shatter is more accurate.)

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MARCEL <3>>> haha I wonder if Harry likes Marcel as much as we do

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Thanks for your comment @Sarah Chintomby Putnam and idk why the boys don't do Pinterest like I do..sorry if it annoys you that im the only one you hear from. Thanks.

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Harry could be bald, missing his upper lip, and have a face like boiling water and STILL be cuter than all the guys at my school.

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Is it bad that i Love Marcel More Then Harry???

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Marcel Imagine. 8th grade? How old do you think we are? ^^we directioners are mainly teenagers here okay... people need to learn that

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marcel one direction imagines | Harry Styles #one direction #best song ever #marcel styles

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marcel one direction imagines | Marcel the Marketing Manager #Imagines #One Direction Imagines #Harry ...

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