marcus mumford- sexiest motherfucker alive

Marcus Mumford, Mumford and Sons.unique, original, true talent - the best Rock n Roll band playing today IMO

Marcus Mumford... Because when he sings, you can actually hear the emotion in his voice, and that's sexy as hell!

Carey Mulligan is so lucky to be married to Marcus Mumford - amazing voice and gorgeous man

Kind of obsessed with these boys

lord… marcus mumford is a fine specimen of human being…

Marcus Mumford... His voice absolutely makes me melt....

I like banjo music and just learner of Mumford & sons

Marcus Mumford.  Amazing musician and a wonderful person <3

Well Hello, I'm Claire, I'm from the wonderful world of the United Kingdom. I love all things Mumford & Sons, Harry Potter, British Comedy and various other things.

“A lot of the time it feels like… music is some sort of excuse to be a human. It’s kind of like people need that excuse to go and put their arms in the air and sing their hearts out.” - Marcus Mumford

Marcus Mumford, Mumford and Sons

Oh, Marcus Mumford...

Multiple reasons Marcus Mumford is attractive to me: unconventionally cute, that one earring, beautiful voice, passionate about the music, and pleasantly plump

rainydaysandblankets:  marcus.

full-of-broken-thoughts: Marcus Mumford

"boop" Marcus and Winston bromance.  Makes my heart melt!

"boop" Marcus and Winston bromance. Makes my heart melt!

Marcus Mumford, on music

"Music is some sort of excuse to be a human.sometimes people need that excuse to throw their arms in the air and sing their heart out" Marcus Mumford

This is exactly why I love Marcus Mumford so much.

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The gorgeous Marcus Mumford | Photo by whispersinthedarrk

His eyes are so soulful. The gorgeous Marcus Mumford

Marcus Mumford on electric guitar. This is a sexy man...

I think this is one of the greatest moments! a "below my feet" performance Marcus Mumford of Mumford and sons 💗

oh, Marcus Mumford <3

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Mumford and sons singer dude

Marcus Mumford

Marcus Mumford

Marcus Mumford

PSA: marcus mumford is an angel and a gift to this world