Chewy Brownies | Martha Stewart Living - Upgrade your Super Bowl spread with our holy-grail brownies that are perfectly gooey on the inside and deliciously crackly on top.

MS's fresh take on this crowd-pleasing dessert. Unsweetened chocolate and brown sugar impart a rich, well-rounded flavor, while adding a bit of oil to the batter results in the addictively chewy texture that makes this version an instant classic.

I love Martha Stewart's recipes the most from all of the cooking shows . She is very neat , and very precise in her cooking , and I like that about her.

Martha Stewart's 1995 Best Lemon Curd

This soft and teasingly tart lemon curd is superior to any lemon curd you can buy in stores. Make it a cake filling, add it to pancakes or eat it solo with some whipped cream and fresh fruit!

10 x inspiratie voor kerststerren

❄️ Winter Holidays ❄️ Stars are an essential part of Christmas, so try your hand at this project from Martha Stewart and make your holiday that much brighter.

Martha Stewart's genius guide to making perfect chocolate chip cookies

The Magic Formula For Everyone's Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie

Martha Stewart one-pot wonder pasta

If you don't have time to cook this one pot pasta basil tomato recipe is going to come to your rescue. This is an easy dinner that is even easier to enjoy.

Baking Hacks That'll Turn You into a Young Martha Stewart ...

Brilliant Baking Hacks 🍰⏳ for Girls Who Want to Be Better Bakers 🍩 🍪 ...

The Perfect Cookie Cookie Holder for Those Perfect Cookies! Why is Your Cake Failing? Missing Baking Powder? Measurement Cheat Sheet – Thank God! Easiest Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich EVER!

Martha Stewart's Banana Bread is one of the best banana bread recipes that I have tried. It is easy to make and tastes great!

Martha Stewart's Banana Bread is one of the best banana bread recipes that I have tried. It is easy to make and tastes great!

Croissants - Martha Stewart Recipe maybe one day when I have nothing to do and the urge to bake.

I rarely get cravings, and there's very little in the way of baked goods that even come close to tempting me. But I do love crossiants.

Martha Stewart's Grand Marnier Italian Buttercream Frosting - use Almond flavor instead of the liquor

Martha Stewart's Grand Marnier Italian Buttercream Frosting

Difference between American, French, and Italian buttercream icings. (Recipes for all I'm not sure I can justify making buttercream frosting 3 times between now and Aelah's party.I do love a good buttercream frosting though!

The Best-Ever Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe is by Martha Stewart

The Best Ever Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe Is by Martha Stewart

We love biscuits and in particular, this buttermilk biscuit recipe. My son and his girlfriend had no problem recreating this yummy recipe!

Learn how to make petit fours with pound cake and petit fours icing that is inspired by Martha Stewart.

Petit Fours Recipe

Learn how to make these precious stenciled petit fours with our step by step picture tutorial. This recipe will make a total of 16 petit fours.