mia michaels...such an amazing choreographer and talent. Not to mention, I love her hairstyle!

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Mia Michaels. Brilliant contemporary choreographer.

'Rock of Ages' Choreographer Mia Michaels Dishes On Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin

This is turning out to be a huge year for Mia Michaels, choreographer extraordinaire and former "So You Think You Can Dance" judge. The three-time Emmy A.

Mia Michaels... My favorite choreographer!

SYTYCD's Mia Michaels: I Don't Want to Be Trainwreck Television!

My favorite choreographer! who has HOT dannnnggggg cute HAIR

Have always loved Mia Michaels's haircut!!

If only I didn't have such a horrible hairline.Mia Michaels Choreographer on SYTYCD

If you dance with your heart, your body will follow...Mia Michaels

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