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Those who would give up Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Security, deserve neither.

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I am a Tactical American Patriot and a full fledge 3%er.

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If only more "True" Americans could pass this along to those looking for their "Entitlements"!

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MOLON LABE: Missouri Senate Votes to Nullify Federal Gun Laws

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Pile Of Brass T-Shirt by Ranger Up

This sounds like something a special person I know would say.

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Molon Labe

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30 Molon Labe Tattoo Designs For Men

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Spartan Pendant US Quarter Sterling Silver Clasp Molon Labe

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molon labe spartan helmet - Google Search

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History is repeating itself through Gun Control, and the only one's that don't see it are the sheople that follow Obama like a shephard. Ban Gun Control!

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