Mycroft Holmes

Mycroft series 3 episode His Last Vow -- Mark Gatiss, one of the authors of the BBC Sherlock series.

Quote from Sherlock 4x02 │  Faith Smith: Well, we just came that way. Sherlock Holmes: I know, it’s a plan. Faith Smith: What plan? (people tracking Sherlock – laughing) Mycroft Holmes: What is it? What… What now? One of the Mycroft’s minions: Sorry, um, traced his route on the map. (route makes the phrase “fuck off”) │ #Sherlock #Quotes

35 Best Sherlock Quotes from 'The Lying Detective' (4x02

Mycroft Holmes. Sherlock S04 EP03 "The Final Problem". Season 4. Episode 3.

This gives me life. The reasoning why mycroft carries that umbrella was explained in the best possible way!

littleasskicker: As ever, I’m concerned about you.

"I worry about him constantly." I will always believe that Mycroft Holmes is first and foremost a brother.

Sherlock Humor ~ Mark Gatiss. Mycroft Holmes. MI6. The Active Duty Years. Headcannon accepted.

Actually in His Last Vow, Mycroft is listed as a previous agent <<< Based on new evidence, headcanon accepted even quicker and more. Does that make sense?


We are all Mycroft sometimes (or all the time