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Naruto - Naruto and Hinata

Naruto - Naruto and Hinata

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Naruto and Hinata

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Top 29 Anime Couples That Make Us All A Little Jealous

Naruto and Hinata - Naruto the Last

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naruhina...I always shipped them from the very beginning. I'm very happy they ended up together!!

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I don't ship NaruHina but this is a cool pic. Remember he also grabbed Shikamaru's and Ino's hands ;)

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Naruhina Month Day 2: Mission Together

Nossa! Agr que eu fui perceber o quanto o riso dela me faz bem! Acho que estou apaixonado pela Hinata! ^^

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Hinata's dream back in Shippuden. I love this because it became a reality for her; a.k.a "the Last"

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Naruto and hinata || I will never give up, this is my ninja way.. that's what naruto taught to Hinata and to everyone ♡

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Because of the fight between him and pain the confession was pushed to the back of naruto's mind. So technically it took him at least a few years before realizing and returning her feelings.

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