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DC's New 52 and Trinity War - Don't like the New 52 & Geoff John's vision but this art is nice.

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Awesome Nightwing New 52 cosplay by Dynamite Webber Cosplay - Photo by EDward Fotography

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Robin New 52, Dick Grayson by Bobkitty23 on deviantART

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New52 Batman timeline

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Justice League! Wonder Woman is my fav, of course, duh!

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This is absolutely terrifying! This is a prosthetic and makeup job that brings the New 52 Joker character design to life in the most nightma...

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DC's New 52 Superman -- hey, what happened to the red undies? I'll be honest; I don't like it. (Art by Jim Lee)

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The New 52: Batgirl, vol 1: The Batgirl of Burnside, ch. 4: ❤ Likeable (Textless cover)

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New Titans - Before New 52 by ~LucianoVecchio on deviantART

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Everyone is talking about DC Rebirth, but one of the biggest topics of discussions is of course the return of a certain fan-favourite speedster. Now, we have a new look at the character's awesome new suit...

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