The Opuntia microdasys albispina is related to the large, imposing prickly pear, but this dwarf Opuntia is perfect for small pots in the home.

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Cacti at the Arizona Botanical Garden

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Opuntia microdasys (Bunny Ears, Polka Dot Cactus, Angel’s Wings, Golden-Bristle) → Plant characteristics and more photos at:

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Opuntia Microdasys rufida v.minima : Cactus y Suculentas de Amanecer

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Opuntia microdasys subsp. rufida (Blind Prickly Pear, Cinnamon Cactus, Cactus Red Bunny Ears) → Plant characteristics and more photos at:

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Opuntia microdasys var. albispina – Polka Dots, Angel Wings - See more at:

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El popular cactus Opuntia microdasys

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This is an Opuntia microdasys v. rufida.

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Opuntia microdasys

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opuntia | Opuntia microdasys forma contorta ( syn: cristata or mostruosa)

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