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Gandhi, the great man of peace, once wrote that by "all canons" of what the world considers to be just, the Palestinians had the right to use force to resist being dispossessed of their land "against overwhelming odds."

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An amazing photo by a very talented 16 year old Palestinian-Jordanian- Hussam Shareef.

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Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem, PalestineOriginally found on: palestineonthemind

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Beautiful. Free Palestine.

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Jerusalem, Palestine 1900. Jews, Christians and Muslims living together in peace. No checkpoints, no apartheid, no home demolitions.

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No matter what. ...there's no denying it.

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International Law applies to EVERYONE ALL OF THE TIME, not just when its convenient to enforce. Free Palestine

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Thank you for explaining this to people who think Allah means another God! Jesus did not speak English!

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Why is it okay in Palestine? - As a South African this makes me furious. FREE PALESTINE

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