If I could ever have a cat it would be a Persian!

20+ Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds

Albino cats are not simply white cats. Here's everything you need to know about albino kitties.

Persian cats are tremendously responsive and become a constant source of joy and delight to their owners. --- Cat Fanciers' Association

Himalayans are cross breed of Siamese and is relatively new in other Persian cats.They were produced in the middle of Century.For a long time they were considered as the separate breed specially in America but later they were included in Persian Cats

* * " If meez be goin' to hell; atz least be me goin' in style."

20+ Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds

My grill marks from the folding clothes dryer is very becoming. That's why I'm always hanging out there to nap.

I need this in my life!!

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Photo chat de race Persan, Evangéline Des Fleurs De Sakura - Eleveurs-Online.com

I once had a cat named Angel Mae. Before she was stolen away, she mended my broken heart. Thank you, Angel Mae.

Reminds me of Mr. Whiskers :'( miss him. He lemme walk I'm and put him and sweaters. Best of all he sat in the window waiting for me to come home from school. Miss him dearly.

20+ Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds

The Top 5 Cute Cat Breeds: The Persian: . Everyone knows the Persian cat. Renowned for its long, silky fur, expressive eyes and squashed face, the Persian is also one of the oldest cat breeds.

Persian Cat--> I so want one! opawz.com  supply pet hair dye,pet hair chalk,pet perfume,pet shampoo,spa....

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The Persian cat is one of the most common exotic cat breeds for people to keep as pets.

Long Haired Cat Breeds

20+ Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds

Persian Blue Cat Persian cat. blue point - #persiancats- See more stunning Persian Cat Breeds at Catsincare.com!

Top Unusual Cat Breeds On Earth.