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This is a stunning DIY rock craft. This is a great project if you are into arts and crafts. It’s a unique project and you can actually give these Rock.

Be inspired with 20 of the Best Painted Rock Art Ideas, You Can do! Easy DIY tutorials that are trendy and therapeutic.

20 of the Best Painted Rock Art Ideas, You Can Do

Hedgehog Painted Rocks – Rock Crafts for Kids – Easy Peasy and Fun Source by easypeasyandfun Commenti commenti

Mandalas auf Steinen malen. Auch schön um den Garten zu Dekorieren.

Painted Stones

painted stones by elspeth mclean cool-painted-stones-ElspethMcLean I would love to have one of these beautiful creations!

Some of the pet rocks made for the Arts & Craft stall of the school fete.

Who doesn't love a pet rock? These are great for dads to use as a paperweight or on his bedside table, and the creative opportunities are endless - painting, pincer-grip for gluing, cutting, manipulating pipe-cleaners.

pet rock care manual - this is pretty funny, and also ahs the option of making a cow or zebra seed (above pet rocks)

pet rock care manual - this is pretty funny.teach your pet rock simple tricks like 'sit' and 'stay.' 'Rollover' requires some help from the trainer.

Activity idea - paint Minion pet rocks

Despicable Me 2 Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies - Save the Minions

sheep created for my garden space- the rocks are if the garden doesn't do well, at least there will be something pretty there                                                                                                                                                      More

Wow, simply the cutest sheep craft and lamb diy collection I have seen. Such great ideas - super cute and must make! I particularly love the sheep craft.