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Dear Potheads: It's time to start smoking like a grown up

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This sweet little peach shaped pipe is adorable to have on display, as well as fun to hold in your hand. Made with high quality borosilicate glass, including in

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ive always loved clear pipes, bongs, rigs, etc. because i love the fact that you can see the smoke. ive always found that being able to see the smoke swirl around inside what ever it is im smoking was the most beautiful and intr

I actually own this one, it's so beautiful and a quality piece. Get at The High

In celebration of todays Solar Eclipse, here's a picture of a solar planets pipe! Smoking to reach a high as far as Jupiter.

How to clean pipes bongs hooka!!

This article is simply about how to clean your bong or pipe really well. Because for the love of Mary-Jane, please don't go on smoking your quality weed out of a dirty bong.

Use to have on of these.  And i loved it. ... saved my life everytime.

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