Randy Orton...such a beautiful man!!!

I don't mind when Randy watches wrestling as long as Randy Orton is on OF BIRTH OF WRESTLERS INCLUDING RANDY ORTON

Randy Orton, the only reason I ever watched wrestling growing up!

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Randy Orton

I have beautiful friends? My name is Milena. I'm Poland ?

I don't watch wrestling but maybe I SHOULD!!! ..... Randy Orton

Miranda Cook on

Look at Mother Fuckin Randy Orton. Oh dear god,,, This man is so beautiful! Sorry for the language but at the last WWE event I went myself and a lady next to me said it at the exact same time. He is really Mother F'n beautiful.

WWE Champion Randy Orton #WWE #RKO #SDLive

wwe Champion has made his feelings about his opponent perfectly clear.

Randy Orton started his career playing the role of a heel. Description from I searched for this on

6 WWE Stars Before They Were Professional Wrestlers

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Randy Orton & John Cena ~ I would DIE if I ever came across these two!!!

Randy Orton & John Cena ~ I would DIE if I ever came across these two! I want Randy Orton you can have John Cena