Soon enough we will have one of these. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Erik and Amanda have three Rhodesian Ridgebacks named Seka, Naka and Kala.

What a beauty

Do you own a pet that likes to misbehave? Do you have a dog that likes to tear up your favorite belongings. Perhaps it is time that your dog not to do those things.

Rhodesian Ridgeback - MultiCh Addy Jonas Nyambe | via DOGFORSHOW

The Rhodesian ridgeback is a dog breed developed in Rhodesia. Its European forebears can be traced to the early pioneers of the Cape Colony of southern Africa, who crossed their dogs with the semi-domesticated, ridged hunting dogs of the Khoikhoi.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy...I have always wanted this breed of dog ever since my flight chief got one. Beautiful!!!!

A young Rhodesian Ridgeback sitting on the porch, looking very alert. I think the cocked head indicates it has’t quite decided what to make of the situation.

Beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback. This is the next dog breed I want! Such cool dogs

Reminds me of my Rhodesian Ridgeback named Rowdy. He was such a great dog - loyal, protective and loving. The perfect hound.

52. Rhodesiano | Exuberante y activo en la etapa de cachorro, aunque madura como…

Rhodesian Ridgeback, 'God makes the hair around my spine stands up so I need not redo hair-standing when I run into a lion.' Love love love my Rhodesian!

Rhodesian Ridgeback - great in extreme hot or cold temperature, very athletic abd guard dog. For experienced owners.

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friends. Photograph By Esther Jansen

Why is a simple walk so important? The answer is it teaches your dog good manners and introduces him to new things. The more you walk your dog the better he will be mentally and physically.

Gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Pinner: handsomedogs: My two Rhodesian Ridgebacks Sadie yrs) and Oliver weeks)

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies are tiny masters of the Happy Baby pose … or should we call it the Sleepy Baby pose?

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies are tiny masters of the Happy Baby pose … or should we call it the Sleepy Baby pose? This something my dog would do lol🤣

Rhodesian Ridgeback, i had one of these for a little while. we named him Budweiser. he was so cute but kind of an idiot lol

Rhodesian Ridgeback pup - The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large, impressive dog with expressive eyes and a sensitive spirit. He’s quite protective but will put his body between his family and a perceived danger before barking, snarling or attacking.