Rose McGowan vintage leopard print (looks like Vanity Fair, my favorite)

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jawbreaker | Tumblr she and christina ricci became "my type" now i chase brunettes hopelessly in love forever lol

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Rose McGowan gets fired for speaking out against sexism:

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Amy Blue Rose McGowan Doom Generation Cult Film

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sullenmoons: Rose McGowan photographed by Michael Stipe for Detour Magazine, 1997

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every time I see what she looks like now, I die a little inside. She would've aged so beautifully without the plastic surgery. *sigh* oh what could've been.

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1990s Rose McGowan

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Rose McGowan as George in Lewis & Clark & George. Part of our top ten of cinema's most fashionable on-screen rebels. More images here:

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Rose McGowan - Jawbreaker premiere, 1999

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Rose McGowan with then boyfriend Marilyn Manson 1998

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