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Hot daddy Scott Foley featured in NEW YOU! Daddy cool #ScottFoley, who we know from Grey’s Anatomy to #Felicity, is looking great in this summer’s NEW YOU. Foley, father of Malina (4) and Keller (2) and married to actrice Marika Dominczyk, lives with his family at the edge of a public nature conservancy in Calabasas, California. @

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Scott Foley: Scandal Is My Sexiest Role Yet

Scott Foley : one of People's sexiest man of 2013 [Video]

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Swoon! Scandal's Scott Foley Lies Shirtless in Bed With Puppies

Scott Foley Lies Shirtless in Bed With Puppies for Charisma Photos - Us Weekly

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Pretend DC Insiders

You can expect a crop of actors from political dramas to show up. Last year, the casts of House of Cards, Homeland, and Scandal were among those in attendance. This year, Scott Foley, aka Jake Ballard from Scandal, is confirmed as a guest of People. But watch out — President Fitz, aka Tony Goldwyn, will also be on hand.

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Which "Scandal" Character Are You?

Scott Foley as Jake Ballard on Scandal Season 3

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Scandal’s Scott Foley: Sex Scenes Mean I Can’t Eat!

Scandal's Scott Foley: Sex Scenes Mean I Can't Eat! (I wouldn't run up and hug a celebrity, minus the one time I did it when I was like 13, but the chicken story was entertaining.)

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scott foley - Felicity, The Unit, Scandal - love him!

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Tony Goldwyn and Scott Foley

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Scott Foley: first loved on Felicity, then on Grey's Anatomy, but I'll always love him in The Unit!

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Scott Foley. And a puppy. What could be better??

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Scott Foley (and to think I was on team Ben back in the Felicity days!)

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Scott Foley

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Episode 305: More Cattle, Less Bull Image 4 | Scandal Season 3 Pictures & Character Photos -

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Scott Foley poses in a series of sexy shots to advertise linens

Scandalous! Olivia Pope's undercover lover poses in a series of sexy bare-chested shots... as actor Scott Foley lands ad series

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Gorgeous Scott Foley - Scandal

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Swiffer + Puppy Adoptions + Scott Foley in NYC

Scott Foley + Puppy Adoptions

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Eye Candy Friday - Scandalous Scott Foley! "I wouldn't be surprised if [Scandal character] Jake Ballard had Charisma towels." #ScottFoley #Scandal

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5 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Scott Foley

Scandal star Scott Foley

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Scandal - Season 3 - New Promotional Cast Photos (38)

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Scott Foley for Da Man

He is now up out of his chair buttoning his suit jacket up. "What brings you by, Ana," he says to me. "Seriously," I say back to him and he drops his shrink act. .

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