Sean Murray - adore his green eyes

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Sean Murray (NCIS) for fans of Sean Murray images.

Sean Murray NCIS - McGee

Scoop: Sean Murray inks new 'NCIS' deal

Now we are going to concentrate our attention to the hottest of the TV actors. With some amazing new TV shows coming out, it would seem that the once known

My favorite, cute and super nerdy hot special agent Timothy McGee/Sean Murray

or if Tony was around, the multitude of nicknames which he calls him.

sean murray is just TOO sweet! My NCIS crush and OMG, I watched Hocus Pocus last night and realized that Sean Michael Murray plays Thackery. I am forever freaking out!

Despite my being married, I think Agent McGee is the best agent at NCIS and yet he is treated the worst. I love these pics of Sean Murray and his family.