Sherlock, John, & Rosie x3>>>>>> I don't ship them but, this is so cute.

actually could be canon! I mean rosie grows up with John and Sherlock. It would be just natural for her to see them both as her father even if there is no Johnlock at all. That doesn't exclude Parentlock ^-^

This show, this right here is what has stopped me from doing anything stupid that may end up taking my life.

I believe that John's relationship with Sherlock pulled him out of a very bad place but that this relationship made him strong enough to continue on after Sherlock's death.

I love Sherlock and Mary's relationship.

I LOVE Mary/Sherlock friendship. While John is the most important, I feel sometimes we overlook how much Sherlock needs Mary too. She supports him, supports John continuing to work with him, and helps so much.

actually cute but do ship them

This is so fucking cute I do see Sherlock stepping in to help John raise Rosie and becoming very attached to her

when rosie grows up and tries to imitate sherlock credit:

alphiney: “ When Rosie tries to imitate Sherlock XDDD (Please don’t reload, just repost, thanks.

Sherlock season 4. Dark and broody.

shag-me-senseless-watson: “ “ silentauroriamthereal: “ cdlafere: “ The boys will be back! my manip from series 4 first promo photos!D ” Perfect!

Even Sherlock and John ship it <--- Everyone ships it.

Even Sherlock and John ship it <--- Everyone ships it. Hahaha <-- im sure that Cas and Dean secretly ship themselves

Sherlock, John, & Rosie fanart

Proud Dads of one lucky little girl // Sherlock, John, & Rosie fanart