St Michael, c.1476, by Carlo Crivelli; the archangel is shown crushing Satan, with his symbolic attributes of a weapon, armour and the weighing scales used at the Last Judgement.

makehasteslowly: “ Carlo Crivelli Saint Michael 1476 Tempera on panel The National Gallery, London ”

Miguel Arcangel                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Saint Michael the Archangel, read and learn about this powerful Angel of God in these tumultuous times! when tempted and beseiged by evil, turn in prayer for help from Gods warrior Angel! He will come to your aid!

Barthelemy Joseph Fulcran Roger - San Miguel

St Michael triumphing over the dragon After Maerten de Vos Published by Joan Baptista Vrints Engraving 1585

The Archangel Michael vanquishing Luzifer - Hubert Gerhard, 1588. eastern façade of St. Michael’s Church, Munich.

statuemania: “ The Archangel Michael vanquishing Luzifer by Hubert Gerhard, eastern façade of St. Michael’s Church, Munich.

Mont St. Michel ~ Normandie _____________________________ France ~ Francia ~ Frankrijk

Mont Saint-Michel - Artist: piece by renown poster artist Fix-Masseau. Located off the northwestern coast of France, the Gothic style Benedictine Abbey dedicated to the archangel St Michael is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a major tourist destination.

St Michael, O Holy Archangels and Angels  St Michael Lutheran Church, Va Beach. How they truly love their Lord celebrating their patron w such vigor. God bless you!

30 Day Orthodox Challenge Day 18 – Your favorite Archangel For many personal reasons, I have to say Holy Archangel Michael. However, the other Archangels -especially St. Selaphiel- are also very close to my heart. O Holy.