14 Fashions That Put The Steam In Steampunk

14 Fashions That Put The Steam In Steampunk

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freakin' love waistcoats. Why did this fashion die out so quickly?

Men's waistcoats have made a fashionable comeback. Men don't only wear them with suits, there are waistcoats with embellished features that allow them to stand on their own.

This awesome outfit showcases the do it yourself style present int a lot of Steampunk designs. There's so much to love about this one, from the goggles, the gears that are subtly attached to various pieces of the outfit, and the dark brown leather that harkens back to victorian style.

8 Awesome Examples Of Steampunk Outfits For Guys

Copper brocade steampunk mens vest                                                                                                                                                     More

Shrine gothic vampire cavalier vest jacket victorian brocade goth steampunk

Shrine of Hollywood - Rock Couture, Gothic Clothing, Victorian Clothing, Punk Clothing, Steampunk Clothing

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Victorian Aristocrat Vest by Shrine Clothing Goth Steampunk Mens Jackets. *** steam punk is another cool style I just started looking into but personally I would wear a white button shirt under the fest to take out the goth

steampunk Mechanic Boot Final2 by ~EidolonChaos on deviantART

steampunk Mechanic Boot by EidolonChaos - nice mens shoes casual, cool cheap mens shoes, mens boot shoes online

Round Metal Sunglasses Retro Steampunk; Men Women Fashion Eyewear; UV400 Shades;

Round Metal Sunglasses Retro Steampunk; Men Women Fashion Eyewear; UV400 Shades;

Steampunk couture!  I love what this guy creates.  "Portland Punk" by *Marcusstratus on deviantART.

Steam up your Halloween with these steampunk costume ideas for women and men. You can either play it safe and pick a complete costume like our favorites.