I like a good writing prompt thats layered with horrific undertones.

The One That Got Away (Emmett Cullen)

Baby names inspired by Roman mythology are climbing the popularity charts. Check out the top 50 Roman mythology names that are perfect for your baby.

50 Wonderful Roman Mythology Names For Your Baby

Obviously available for the naming of actual babies but also, possibly, helpful for anyone planning a story who, like myself, is not particularly good at thinking of decent names.

Jung's 12 character archetypes: Plan your characters.

Character Archetypes: Enriching your Novel's Cast

Fawn and Dalton: "THere, there," Fawn said, twisting the arrow deeper into Dalton's flesh. "I said I owed you a reckoning, didn't i?"

15 Sublime Photos That Capture Life's Most Fragile Moments

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3 Ways to Find Writing Inspiration in Images

We'll drink a lemonade and hold hands like it's the first time. Diner Girl Drink Lonely Photography Thinking of you Floating thoughts Let's run away Routine