Taylor swift fearless

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Taylor Swift - Fearless Album 2008
I really can't handle the feels right now.
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The Complete Discography of Taylor Swift

If I ever could play the guitar... i'm fairly sure I would have it professionally bedazzled like Taylor Swift's guitar. It's amazing!

MSG show Taylor made for teen fans

How other people look when biting their lip, but when I do it, I look like a fucking deformed piece of shit.
Taylor Swift - Pink dress and headphones
Taylor Swift - Fearless, Song List / Collage    1.	"Fearless"  	 2.	"Fifteen"  	 3.	"Love Story"  	 4.	"Hey Stephen"   5.	"White Horse"  	 6.	"You Belong with Me"  	 7.	"Breathe" (featuring Colbie Caillat)	 8.	"Tell Me Why"  	 9.	"You're Not Sorry"  	 10.	"The Way I Loved You"  	 11.	"Forever and Always"   12.	"The Best Day"  	 13.	"Change"
Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, and Red. Photos from her album booklets and music videos. This is really cool!
You drag me head first, fearless
Taylor Swift’s guitar was chosen to represent the chloroplasts because her guitar takes Taylor Swift’s musical notes and produces beautiful music just like the chloroplasts capture light energy from the sun and produces glucose.
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