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Make a Toad Pool

How to Make a Toad or Frog Pool. This is a neat idea. You just use a plastic saucer, put dirt around it, fill with stones and water. Helps attract toads to your garden if you put this near a toad house you make.


A DIY toad house made with a thrift-store terracotta pot turned upside down and Dollar Tree pebbles hot-glued on. The roof is made from a fallen piece of old tree bark found alongside the road. I put soil and live moss from my yard under the roof. Hopefully the moss will eventually grow in between the pebbles to complete the look.

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Rhubarb Leaf Toad House Blue Raku for the Garden

Rhubarb Leaf Toad House Blue Raku for the by PlaceInNatureStudios, $47.65

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Bungalow Toad House for Rebecca

Toad houses, made for actual use in the garden. People buy these houses for bull frogs to live in around their ponds. So cute, see toad looking out!!


Mini stone houses, Made a Fairy House like this on an old moss covered slice of wood. Used big pieces of bark for the roof and hot glued tiny sticks to make a door. Don't know about the fairy thing, but I think this is adorable for Amber's garden - for Summy and the boys!