Torchwood Returns with The Conspiracy

Captain Jack and the Torchwood crew return in a brand new series of audio dramas.

Tosh met the Doctor.. And it was supposed to be Owen. Crossover! (GIF)

when i first saw this episode i was like yeah ok cool space pig but then i realized then i fucking realized Toshiko Sato met the Doctor before Jack did and she didn’t even fucking know it WE GOT A.

Day 23: Favorite spin off. Torchwood. Thank god for seeing more of John Barrowman!

Day Favorite spin off. Torchwood, I think. I haven't seen a lot of the Doctor Who spinoffs, but I did see a little bit of Torchwood. I liked it, and it's probably my favorite spinoff so far. (-Holly M.

Torchwood new episodes: Big Finish confirm Captain Jack, Ianto Jones and Gwen Cooper will return for a new series this November

The new photos of Captain Jack and Ianto's return to Torchwood are just adorable

Gareth David-Lloyd and John Barrowman / Ianto Jones and captainJack HArkness / Cardiff / May 2016

There's also a 'Vote Saxon' sign on the door when Jack and Tosh enter that building

This is a great Torchwood ep anyway, and now I want to rewatch it to spot this graffiti. Also the "Vote Saxon" poster outside.

Gwen Cooper. I loved this scene--the baby was so chill!>>> Gwen Cooper and baby Anwen (and Rhys as well, for that matter) are so badass it's amazing.

Gwen Cooper's badass baby - - Public Displays of Fail - Unfriendable


Absolutely, yes. I know he's on "Arrow" now but I wish he'd show up in season 9 of DW even just for a minute or two. Just to see Captain Jack again.

Ianto Jones- "Because I know everything, and it says so on the bottom of the screen." I love using this quote in real life.

Ianto Jones- "Because I know everything, and it says so on the bottom of the screen." I love using this quote in real life. I love Ianto

MY FRIEND JUST TOLD ME THIS TODAY!!! THAT'S SO WEIRD. I realized, every time i talk about something i've seen on pinterest, or something i'm just thinking about, i end up seeing it on pinterest that same day.

A Whovian's Favorite Anagram

Bloody Torchwood by on @deviantART

This would be funnier if everyone knew that it was a little old lady that said "Bloody Torchwood".

Torchwood: Another life, by Pete Anghelides

Torchwood: Another life, by Pete Anghelides