Am I the only one that sees that line above her eye? It looks in pain not gonna lie

Pikachu is not transgender, it was Ash's Pikachu pretending to be a girl because ash and friends were trying to infiltrate a girls only club.

Castle Dave.

Transgender or not, you are valid. You don't need to "identify" as someone or something, rather just be yourself.

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I'm cool with sharing the bathroom with transgender women, but what if that alien wants to harvest my soul whilst I'm peeing?

A drawing about what's it is like to be genderqueer. Male boy trapped in the cage of the female body

Beautiful art and symbolism.wish I knew who the artist was. All credit goes to the artist. -The Queer Life

Transgender is when an individual identifies differently than the gender the parts on their body signals.

Why can't anyone understand stand this about me <<< why can't people understand this?

This artist nails it on transgender identity.

This comic perfectly shows why gender is who you are on the inside.

This artist nails it on transgender identity! This rlly gives me a peptalk!

to any and all of my followers, I'll be there if you need support. just pm me and i'll drop whatever the (pardon me but...) fuck i'm doing and talk with you.

Especially with teachers. There are countless ways to separate your classroom, and you choose boy or girl. I hate when teachers separate based on gender

“Transgender youth are at incredibly high risk for depression, anxiety, and even suicide,” Bruesehoff continued. “It’s not because there is something wrong with them; it’s because something is wrong our society. The research shows one key thing changes those statistics: support. It is very clear that students who are supported in their homes, their schools, and their communities have a very different experience than those who are not."

10-Year-Old Busts Myth About Trans People With Powerful Sign

profeminist: “ Busts Myth About Trans People With Powerful Sign “A brave transgender girl named Rebekah spoke at a rally last weekend in support of transgender students and.

Mommy's Little Girl by on @deviantART This just gets me right in the heart.

phan-bands-anime-and-emotions: “abtchance: “ pinkandporcelain: “ if we could all stop for a minute and see the depth in this, we’d all be one step closer to being a more understanding sort of.

Being trapped in your own body is worse then any other punishment because it's so hard to free yourself ~Chloe<<<<Essentially.

This goes to my boyfriend who has fought till now and who is still fighting. I love you -DEF

Yet explaining to a child why a man with a gun might come to your school to kill you is far more better

Just because you personally are a weak ass little bitch doesn’t mean everyone is. Stop projecting your shitty parenting skills onto others.