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Small guest house out back. - An Architect’s Own Tropical Refuge In Miami - Brillhart Architecture have designed and built a home for themselves in Miami, Florida, that includes 100 feet of uninterrupted glass.

Perforated concrete walls encase La Tallera gallery by Frida Escobedo

Perforated concrete walls encase La Tallera gallery by Frida Escobedo

Making the most out of natural light, the contrasts between the dark wood and the white wall create distinguished patterns from the shadow created by the pattern within the wood. (Frida Escobedo — La Tallera Siqueiros — Image 18 of 52 — Europaconcorsi)

An exterior shot of French-style shutters at La Residence d'Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia. The resort's architecture is a fusion of French colonial and classic Khmer design.

Love the idea of this for shade, borrowed from French Colonial design, the dark stain blends well into the natural environment.

Image 1 of 32 from gallery of DRA House in Bali /  D-Associates. Photograph by Mario Wibowo

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tropical architecture | Nowadays, designs of the villas use the simple of natural material, as ...

Here are some design notes when it comes to modern pergola designs. The most common pergola design is to have decorative and somewhat rounded ends on the beam.

Courtesy of a21 studio wood, restaurant, terrace

Salvaged Ring / a21 studio

“ Vietnamese office used recycled wood to construct the curving framework of this coffee house, which encircles a courtyard near the city of Nha Trang. The Salvaged Ring structure was.

Yoga room

These wonderful tropical beach inspired outdoor seating will definitely completes the look of this outdoor space with a wooden shed and reclaimed wood furniture.

Tropical Architecture House in Sentosa photos by

These architecturally stunning Sentosa Cove Bungalows unite to produce clean simplified modern tropical architecture design.