the most useful tips for laying out good typography #designaglow

Design Diary: Let's Talk About Type!

No matter how balanced and beautiful a layout is and how perfect the color choices turn out, a design can still be completely defiled with inferior typography. Useful tips for laying out good typography from the lead designer at Design Aglow.

I like how the rest of the alignment of text creates the rest of the K. However if it was less text it might have been interesting to see it at same thickness as the rest. HR

For adapting to web, use can have a click through animation to enhance usability while ensuring readability Ref: Harpers Bazaar Nederland. Art Direction by Tara van Munster.

Typographic composition featuring Giabattista Bodoni. This is a very interesting juxtaposition of typographic elements. The layout is impeccable. There is asymmetrical balance, and a nicely planned use of negative space. The arrangement is visaully pleasing. Ultimate contrast is achieved using black and white and the use of extreme scale differentials is very successful. Everything about this composition is screamin great design, especially the T's!


I like how this example uses a letter as a graphic element like a line. Blowing it up to a size where it reads more as a graphic element than a letter meant to be read.

Extremely interesting use of typography and layout design.  RNLI Catalogue by Ciprian Robu

This is such a beautiful piece of editorial work. Love the use of black and white images throughout and the extremely interesting typography.

Alignement. Mots alignés à la marge de droite et ensuite celle de gauche; le paragraphe est aussi aligné à la marge de droite.

Not entirely sure if there is a specific purpose to the layout of this design but I feel it works really well. I found my eyes drawn to it due to the large bold text and white spaces. Might be something to consider for my designs.

Simple type, and only three colors yet still interesting to look at

I just like Futura, but I love the way this is presented Futura Type Specimen Book

Perhaps a little too retro but also striking. Could I get this effect using a similar layout with better fonts?

White typo / Perhaps a little too retro but also striking. Could I get this effect using a similar layout with better fonts?

I like how the story takes the shape of letters, and those form another message. I could incorporate this into my magazine by kind of combining a feature story in the small text, but an ASF with the larger letter outlines.

Type notebook

Times New Roman by Pedro Javier Arbelaez. This poster in particular is a favorite of mine. I assume this poster goes through the history of Times New Roman. What's great is that Times New Roman is the only typeface used here.

Big and bold, well worked contrasting colour scheme. Probably an overused style but it still works well.

Conference 2010 Branding and Materials, all done in house by the Behance design team. Yellow, black and Knockout from Frere-Jones.

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Impossible Modernism design Anne Jordan and Mitch Goldstein

Book Covers of Note August 2016

The top 10 typography sins you'll want to avoid. Click through to learn more.

The Top 10 Typography Sins You'll Want to Avoid

Amazing tips! The way you handle your copy can be the difference between a good and a poor design.