Geometrica Sans Free Typeface

[Freebies] Geometrica Sans Free Typeface is what we can have today! this regular weight is coming from Geometrica Sans Type family. This typeface is a geometric san serif font designed using the most basic shape of geometry.

Random Spectacular’s new magazine showcases international letterpress – Creative Review

Random Spectacular's new magazine showcases international letterpress

Random SpectacularAbove is a gorgeous selection of analogue type from the latest edition of Random Spectacular published by St. Judes as part of The Village of Type at Ditchling Museum of Art +.

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This font is similar to Nadir Alfonso's art because of the fact that he uses a lot of contrast, lines and patterns.

Andy Smith Illustrator Blog: Words in the city

type can spruce up even the lamest pics (Poetry Fest- Neon colours, words, coffee houses, lounge, places the event is held)(Cool Pics Photography)

If you want to learn hand lettering alphabet skills then this Skillshare class - Hand Lettering For Beginners by Mary Kate McDevitt is amazing. Handwriting and Hand Lettering is a huge passion project for me, click through to see 20 fab resources for Hand Lettering beginners

20 Fantastic Online Resources For Beginner Lettering Stars!

Hand lettering for beginners with Mary Kate McDevitt on Skillshare - Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners Bonus! A Free Printable Online Class/Student Planner