compressed sand and cement in Senegal. Built entirely by villager volunteer work and no electricity in Senegal. A nice case study.

Youth Center In Niafourang / Project Niafourang

architecture vernaculaire, maison traditionnelle à Santorine

L' architecture vernaculaire - lieux magiques du monde -

High School Thazin / Ackermann+Raff

Gallery of High School Thazin / Ackermann+Raff - 1

Ancient Ice House, Iran. Photo by Lynn Davis (b.1944) how in the heck did anyone get through that teeny tiny door???!!

Golden Moon / LEAD castle window Lynn Davis, Ice House, Iran, 2001 Casa de los Esquiladores by John Wardle Architects (Bruny Island, Tasmani.

Maisons-au-Burkina-Faso ; un ornement comme peau

Maisons peintes au Burkina Faso

Indonesian Architecture in Contemporary and Contemporary Vernacular in Indonesia

Contemporary Vernacular -The shifting definitions

Vernacular architecture

Cleanline mod and rustic all at thesame time. love for 877 crossman. House V at R / BURO II & ARCHI+I Glass, wood, zinc, cobbles.

neo-vernacular architecture - Google Search

Gallery of Vietnam Pavilion - Milan Expo 2015 / VTN Architects - 8

Musgum Houses, Cameroon vernacular architecture

Building a Musgum House in Cameroon. Musgum earth home, a traditional home of the Musgum people in Far North, Cameroon, Africa