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Hugo has a great appreciation for art, photography, film, and the cinemas. "The blank white screen reminded Hugo of a band new piece of paper, he loved the wonderful whirring sound from the projector that filled the theater." (pp. 202, Selznick) Towards the end when Hugo moves in to Papa Georges, he starts to keep every ticket stub from each film he went to see with Isabelle at the cinema. (pp. 492, Selznick)

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If you were a guy growing up in Southern California in the 60's this poster was probably on your wall. Two carefree guys traveling the world looking for the perfect wave in one long Endless Summer. More of a metaphor to me now but still an iconic image.

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kogaionon: “ Star Wars by Kilian Eng / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter / Début Art / Instagram / Store 24" x 36" screen print, numbered edition of 15. Private commission, not for sale. ”

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that hamilton woman | Tumblr

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Sitting in the darkened theater with my feet up in the seat so the shark wouldn't get me.

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Vintage Film Movie Camera by xellow

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Tourist Trap 1979 Horror Movie Fan Made Edit by Mario. Frías

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Now is Good my favorite movie

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Opera 1987 by Dario Argento Horror Movie Gallo

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Meg Ryan & Kevin Kline (full movie 1080p) - YouTube

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