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Virginia Woolf.. So TRUE Don't Be Embarrassed Over It, Grow From It, LEARN From It & NEVER Become A HYPOCRITE Over It!!! More

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Virginia Woolf (Authors Series) by Ryan Sheffield

Virginia Woolf Authors Series by Ryan Sheffield by RyanSheffield

Virginia Woolf (born 1882, died 1941) was one of the principle literary figures of the early 20th century, writing such works as A Room of One’s Own, Mrs Dalloway, and To The Lighthouse.

"When you consider things like the stars, our affairs don't seem to matter very much, do they?" Virginia Woolf, a fellow INFP.

“How many times have people used a pen or paintbrush because they couldn’t pull the trigger?” — Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf The British novelist who wrote To the Lighthouse and Orlando experienced the mood swings of bipolar disorder characterized by feverish periods of writing and weeks immersed in gloom. Her story is discussed in The Dynamics of Creation by Anthony Storr.

I am in the #mood to dissolve in the #sky - Virginia Woolf. #poetry ADORE Woolf and all her madness

My head is a hive of words that won't settle. -Virginia Woolf