The heros of Olympus By Viria

The heros of Olympus By Viria I love how in this picture Percy holds his arm out to shield Annabeth. I expect nothing less from him.

This might be a drawing tutorial but everything I see reminds me of Percy....

by someone who completely sucks at explaining. oh god I am sorry I can't explain things good:C I didn't mention here how to draw eyes and hair, sinc. a very bad face tutorial

Official artwork of the three Percy Jackson newbies. (Is there a name for that trio? I probably forgot it. xD)

Viria: Heroes of Olympus trio for Rick Riordan’s website! I loved drawing Leo so much I think he’s probably one of the most well-turned portraits:”)>>Amazing!

An excellent figure drawing tutorial - human anatomy - how to draw a man - human figure - drawing reference