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VIXX - Gryffindor

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Leo, Vixx, 160612, Mata Hari WHAT IS THIS PERFECTION <3 <3 <3 I'M DYINGGGG

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I love Jin and Ken's friendship. Ahjummas lol jk;

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Pffft, more like Ken started it and Ravi lost it bahahahaha.... I love this group so much ❤️ My bias and bias wrecker *fangirl sigh* #VIXX #Ravi #Ken

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160612 #Leo ⇢ Mata Hari © Cupids Bow ⠀ FINALLY an unwhitewashed picture of taekwoonie!!! what a cutie. Believe it or not, he has some melanin in his skin!!! A concept that k-fans can't seem to understand!!! Ugh

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"We need to learn English.." | allkpop Meme Center

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VIXX - Ravi & Leo

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나는 로빅이다. 오늘 #더쇼 #The_Closer 첫 방송 무대를 마친 #빅스 요원들의 모습이다. 별빛파워로 첫 방송을 무사히 마쳤다. 쌀쌀한 날씨에도 뜨거운 응원으로 함께해준 별빛요원들 고맙습니다!

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