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The Moon Maiden - illustration by Warwick Goble for "Green Willow and Other Japanese Fairy Tales"

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Art Poster Warwick Goble Night Fairy and Friends

The Vearies, Warwick Goble

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Details about Art Poster Warwick Goble Fairy Riding Nautilus

Art Poster Warwick Goble Fairy Riding Nautilus

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CANACEE AND THE FALCON BY WARWICK GOBLE Canacee and the Falcon. [Depiction of scene from Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales: The Squire's Tale.] Artist: Warwick Goble. Image published: 1912.

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The dun deer wooed with manner bland, And cowered beneath her lily hand. ~illustration by Warwick Goble to Kilmeny, The Book of Fairy Poetry

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@Lady Lady Jenny Wormwood - a new favorite fairy tale illustrator for me!!! Warwick Goble's "Leda and the Swan"

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As a Pisces, when the real world is tough, you can substitute it with an imaginative vision and think in that until things get improved. (Art: Warwick Goble)

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Illustration by Warwick Goble.

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Three Spirits Filled with Joy, Warwick Goble

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