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First day of class: Meet Your Teacher

Most teachers, I’m sure, make sure to leave time during the first class to take student questions, primarily about the syllabus and the shape of the course ahead. But it’s worth underlining the importance of student involvement right from the start, letting them know that your desire to hear their questions and concerns is not just a superficial courtesy (“Any questions? OK then…). Here’s a way to encourage students to take ownership of the course. After a brief introduction, distribute the…

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I had a little chat with my students

College teaching. Should be teaching any age.

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Small Changes in Teaching: The First 5 Minutes of Class

Small Changes in Teaching: The First 5 Minutes of Class -- Article with 4 suggestions on how to activate students' interest at the beginning of a class; although aimed at college students, the ideas presented will work equally well with K-12 students, including ELLs.

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Managing Misbehavior in the College Classroom

Managing Misbehavior in the College Classroom | Cult of Pedagogy

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Successful Beginnings for College TeachinG (Publicaffairs Reports) / Angela Provitera McGlynn

Bestseller Books Online Successful Beginnings for College Teaching (Teaching Techniques/Strategies Series, V. 2) Angela Provitera McGlynn $20.97 -

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Start every class with a writing prompt

Here’s a strategy whose simplicity belies its usefulness: every class period, as the students come into the classroom, put a question or prompt on the board for the students to respond to, in writing. If you make this a habit, it has a number of important benefits. * It provides a clear break from the noise and distraction of the outside world and the focus you want to instill during class. A brief period—even five minutes—of quiet reflection and writing can help…