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Alternatives to Traditional Grass | Tips for Landscaping with Dogs -- Clover lawns are a beautiful alternative to sod. You still get the look of a green carpet as you do with traditional sod, but clover doesn't stain the way grass does with canine urine. --

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

DIY Planting boxes. Great for for urban gardens!

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19 "Zero Dollar" Garden Hacks

Genius! Switch out annual plants in your landscaping design by burying pots, then placing potted plants inside like this

clover a delicious treat to plant for your desert sure you don't spray herbicides or pesticides in your tortoise habitat!

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22 inspiring lawn-free yards

Suburban homestead - Landscaping without Grass - Sunset

Cynodon hybrida Dog Tuff | Dog Tuff Cape Buffalo Grass | Low Water Plants, Eco Friendly Landscapes | High Country Gardens Low water, dog pee resistant. What's not to love?


How to move hostas. In all the years I've moved my hostas, I can't believe I've never done this!

white dutch clover as a grass lawn alternative. reaches 2-8 inches. Less trimming, very little watering. Tolerates dog pee and roughhousing.

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Lawn-Less Yard Solutions

Foot-traffic-friendly groundcovers that compete well with weeds and stay relatively short without mowing include mat-forming creeping thyme, grasslike blue sedge (Carex glauca), and mounding moss phlox (a good choice on hillsides where mowing is difficult).

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PT 769 Rough & Ready Eco-Turf Mix

ProTime Rough & Ready - A blend of dwarf, drought tolerant grasses and our new MicroClover for a low maintenance alternative to traditional lawns.