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5 βήματα για lifting προσώπου μόνο με το μακιγιάζ

How To: Cover Anything

How to cover ANYTHING from tattoos to dark circles


Channing Tatum not his real tattoos but still.. *bites knuckles.. hot!


10 Best Selling MAC Lipsticks That Are Most Popular In The Market

MAC spice liner + twig lipstick. Nyx's Twig is a 100% dupe for Mac's, and Wet 'n' Wild's #666 lip liner is an 85% match for Mac's Spice liner. (I get my information from Temptalia's dupe finder.). "Kind of Carob" by J.a.n.e. is a dupe for MAC twig also.


101 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

101 makeup tips every girl should know.....too lazy to read. Pin now read later. #makeup #tips


Have YOU been making yourself uglier with the wrong colour makeup?

If you have a warm face, that's most typically blonde hair and blue eyes, you're a spring hue and should opt for soft smokey eyes in brown and taupe hues and bold red lips. If your cheeks turn rosy when you blush and you have light blonde to medium brown hair with blue eyes, summer is your season and darker browns and richer pinky purple lipsticks will complement your look.


Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding

Tips for Beautiful Lips


Did you know that your make-up brushes may be causing you to breakout? Simply wash them with gentle Neem Soap once a week to naturally kill bacteria on the brush and then air dry! #natural #antibacterial #neem #acne


Aprenda como Usar o Pó Translúcido

pó translúcido e acabam exagerando na sua aplicação ou acabam deixando de usar o produto com medo de pecar por excesso. ...

Have YOU been making yourself uglier with the wrong colour makeup?

With rich skin and mid-brown to black hair and hazel, olive or warm green eyes, you are an autumn tone so opt for brown eyes and bold red lips. If you're winter - with ashy mid-brown or black locks, grey-blue or cool green eyes - smokey eyes and bubblegum pink lips are perfect for you