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Learn how to jump higher in any sport. Cross training to jump higher will improve your highest vertical. You will become a better athlete in the non-jumping activities. Learn to use plyometric fast muscle training to max out your jumping ability. At last you can dunk the basketball, spike the volleyball etc. with your new jumping ability. The best how to jump higher programs must offer nutrition, interval resting schedules and teach balanced fast and slow muscle fiber training. Re pin…

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Training Frequency For Muscle Growth

Today in this blog topic of CRB Tech Reviews, we would discuss muscle training and why you should do train each muscle group twice a week. Be it training, dieting or supplementation—they are done for one reaction, i.e. muscle growth. In words of science, muscle growth is hypertrophy. And to induce hypertrophy in muscles, you need training. So now the BIG question is how often you should train each muscle group.

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The Ultimate Guide to Your Cycling Muscles

A Big Muscle Breakdown

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KB-Duo (Suspension Trainer)

The KB-Duo is an amazing suspension training tool. Tone up, build muscle, and build your athletic abilities wherever you wish to train. The KB-Duo can take the place of all your gym equipment and give you the resistance needed to see big results fast.

How to Train for the Camino de Santiago


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Now, when it comes to strength training for women, many tend to think that it will get them too big and bulky, so they rather use those one kilo dumbbells to get “toned”. Truth is that the only way to get “toned” is to build muscle and lose fat. A woman is unlikely to get big and bulky from day to day strength training because this type of training focuses on getting stronger rather than building big muscle.


Eat BIG. Train BIG. Get BIG! Try these easy meal ideas and build muscle mass faster.