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Something the parents (mothers) of cub scouts should remember. We are preparing our children for life, you are not going to be there to do everything for them, so why not allow them to learn what it means to be responsible?!


Baden Powell [As I was a former Boy Scout; I was photographed with the wax statue of him when I was in England, The one story I picked for my project is linked to this. @dietrichthrall leaving the Boy Scouts was my biggest regret, This was a huge reason my imprint lasted as long as has.]

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The ten most useful knots and how to tie them

Tying various kinds of knots is just one of those skills that comes in handy when you least expect it, and while we've definitely written up how to tie useful knots before here at Lifehacker, this picture tutorial from Mother Earth News on how to tie the ten most useful knots is also incredibly helpful.

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Cub Scout Skits for Campfires

Need a quick and easy Cub Scout skit? Check these out!

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Contests and competitions that Cub Scouts enjoy the most are often surprisingly uncomplicated, with inexpensive materials, rules taking less than a minute to explain, and minimal setup. Continue reading →


Ήγουμενίτσα: 1ο Σύστημα Ναυτοπροσκόπων Ηγουμενίτσας αποστολή ανθρωπιστικής βοήθειας για παιδιά-θύματα της προσφυγικής κρίσης

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