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Make a Wine Cork Wreath

Comment from best halloween images

KARE Qatar - The absolute sense of living - furniture, lighting, home accessoriesel, Kare qatar, Kare Doha

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TOP 10 DIY VIntage Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Save your budget by creating vintage decor on your own. These projects are exciting, rewarding and easy to do. Take a look… #Vintage #Decor #Interior


Acrylic Painting Ideas For Beginners - Bing Images


Floral Expression On Blue, original oil painting by artist Martina Shapiro, abstract flowers, modern flowers, contemporary still life

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Decorating with Rope – 5 DIY Projects

Rope Pots


island - love the idea. I think this could be a bit more polished of a look with different legs or different countertop and legs.

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45 Inspirational Home Office Ideas

At first glance, it may be a little bar. But it could be more than that and become your personal work space. You have easy access to drinks so when your work gets a bit stressful, you can grab the best chardonnay you have and take a moment to chill.


KARE Design Wanduhr Vintage Coloure mit fröhlichen Kreisobjekten in einem Rahmen aus zwei konzentrischen Scheiben und zwölf kleineren Kreisen für jede Stunde sowie großen Ziffern in Schwarz oder Weiß. #KARE #KAREDesign