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This is a collection of lots of easy CAKE DECORATING IDEAS and CAKE DECORATING TUTORIALS for beginners. These simple cakes are made with no fancy tools and require very little time. From


SO CUTE. Original cake design and concept by @kekandco (reindeer) and @jennaraecakes (unicorn) It's amazing how many bakers @cakeporm can see who continuously don't bother crediting the work of others that have clearly INSPIRED them. These bakers won't be reposted on this account. Edit: thanks so much for all the comments below guys I love that this post has been very engaging. Of course it can be hard to figure out who the original baker is but there are people who replicate and give no ...

Παντεσπάνι κι ο τρόπος που το φτιάχνουμε .Ιδανικο για τούρτες !!

ΥΛΙΚΑ 5 αυγά 150 γρ.ζάχαρη 150 γρ.αλεύρι για όλες τις χρήσεις+2 κ.γ κοφτά μπέικιν κοσκινισμένα 1 βανίλια 1 πρέζα αλάτι ...


White chocolate purple tulip Cake.


Cherry's Cakes: Happy Face for our dear friend Pilar