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This collects about 90 percent of the debris. Frame is 1-1/4 x 10 x 32" of 1/2" hardwood, glued and screwed together, with corner blocks. Hardwood mounting brackets tilt the frame back 20°. The frame should be centered behind the saw, and installed as close to the back of the saw as possible. Drape an ordinary 33-gallon trash bag through the frame and secure it with binder clips.

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How to simplify and speed up the process of cutting crown molding. | Illustration: Steve Sanford |


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Miter joints are some of the weakest in woodworking because of poor end-grain to end-grain gluing. That’s why I always reinforce my miter joints with a spline. I used to cut the spline slots with a jig on my tablesaw, but that gets awkward with a large frame. Recently, I began using my biscuit joiner to simplify this process. By adding an aluminum plate to the jointer’s fence, as shown, the slot is automatically centered on the joint. I cut the added plate to shape using a metal-cutting…

Miter Saw Dust Catcher | Woodsmith Tips The key component in this system is the large dust port. It’s mounted to a plywood frame that slides in grooves in the surrounding frame’s rails. This way, you can move the port to catch the sawdust when mitering.


How to Make a Compound Miter Saw Dust Hood - One Project Closer

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Φαλτσοπρίονο Ράντιαλ με λέιζερ 254mm 2000 Watt, Scheppach