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Dusty Hyland of CrossFit Gymnastics gives instruction on how to master the bar muscle-up. For more information and upcoming dates for the CrossFit Gymnastics...


If you're stuck on the muscle-up, this tutorial has detailed progressions, advice for moving past plateaus, and explains why we prefer strict muscle-ups over kipping.

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Muscle up is a skill, advanced exercise beginners usually skip or exchange for 3 chin ups and 3 dips.

the muscle-up « bodyweight strength training « beast skills: i was looking for online tips for learning to do a muscle.up but didn't want to watch videos, and this page is full of good words and pictures.


I am no where NEAR a muscle up, but this was such a good tutorial I'm going to save it for that far distant date where I'll need it. :) #crossfit


Im still stuck on muscle ups! Cant get bar to chest level- muscle up tutorial - YouTube


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2012 CrossFit Games - Mastering the Bar Muscle-Up. Yes they all look like fitness models, but they all make it up over the bar.


How to Do a Strict Muscle-Up on Gymnastic Rings